Accounting & Purchasing

THS will provide financials by locations, by service lines, and by MD.We will provide assistance with the budgeting process, forecasting, and compensation model.THS will act as the liaison between the practice and bank. DMOS will be able to leverage the economies of scale of the combined practices under THS management, and share our expertise with real estate LLCs and physician LLCs (additional fee).

Service Description



Financial and Accounting Systems for Clinic

develop team/positions needed to operationalize VBS


recruit or re-purpose existing staff for VBS team

Monthly and Year to Date Comparative Financial Statements

Review / train each team member of roles and responsibilities

Accounts Payable

develop an internal workflow with all departments that will be part of VBS

Payroll, Payroll Taxes and Assessments

train UR in process needed for VBS contracts

Coordinate with group's banking institutions with respect to any loans currently held by group or their credit card program

develop / train BO in VBS contact payment process as relates to internal workflow

Centralized Purchasing (GPO etc…)(Stephen or Brent will have to answer this)

educate PT regarding VBS and clinical responsibilities related to contract

Annual audits & tax returns

develop/train regarding DME process as relates to VBS contract

AP involvement for bundle administration

Train entire office clinical staff regarding VBS / operationalize

Set up a GL

Training of Navigator as per VBS contract

Planning/Administering the $ left over - what profit-sharing structure?

development of power point presentations needed for VBS training


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